Patrick Heyer

Current role?

General Manager

What brought you to iProspect Melbourne?

I moved to Melbourne from Singapore where I was heading up a Media and Performance Marketing agency, and when this role with iProspect became available, it was a natural fit.

Ultimately it’s the shared passion for Performance Marketing and seeing the positive impact it has on our clients’ businesses that attracted me to iProspect.

How did you get into digital?

I was working for a bank during my studies and when they started out in digital advertising, I was hooked instantly due to the immediacy and measurability of the results.

How has the landscape changed since you started?

Back then there were new ad formats and players entering the market every few weeks and months, but now this is happening pretty much daily.

Innovation cycles have shortened significantly and ad tech has become much more sophisticated, which in turn allows us to continuously improve performance.

In a way you could say that it is an area that has become more convoluted, but also more transparent at the same time. It’s a fascinating space to work in.

What do you see as the biggest future opportunity for our clients, in the digital space?

The biggest gains will be achieved by those brands who leverage their customer and prospective target audience data in the most effective way and use them to drive an audience-centric marketing approach.

By doing so, their content assets as well as paid advertising will resonate better with the intended audience, and will in the end deliver better engagement and business outcomes at a lower cost.

And the biggest threat?

Being complacent, standing still and acting in siloes – as an organisation and in the way they speak to their audience.

If you don’t adapt quickly enough to the ever-changing digital landscape or – even better – lead the way, you lose.

What’s next for iProspect Melbourne?

We have a very talented team with exceptional capabilities and a great pedigree in our Paid Media and Experience offering here in Melbourne.

The ambition for us is to stay ahead of the curve in Performance Marketing by working closely with our clients and media partners and by continuing the great growth we have seen in our Experience offering.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

During my time in London my team ran a pro bono campaign for a charity client and with a small budget. We managed to raise millions of dollars in donations for people in urgent need. It was a very rewarding campaign, which also happened to win us an award.

And what’s been your biggest career challenge?

Moving to Asia and having to adapt quickly to immensely different business styles across a very diverse continent. I really enjoyed tackling this challenge head-on during my time there.

Apple or Android?


What would you be doing for a living, if it wasn’t this?

Surely, I would have been Roger Federer’s main rival.

Patrick Heyer

Patrick Heyer is the General Manager of iProspect Melbourne. He is responsible for the overall direction, strategy and performance of the business as well as leading and developing a team of some of the industry's best digital experts.