Michael Bell

Current Role

General Manager

Time in current role / at iProspect Brisbane

2 years

How did you get into digital?

I started in digital in 2005 when I was in my third year at uni and looking for an easier way to get beer money.

Being into cars at the time, I saw that younger people were buying cars online, whereas the older demographic were still using printed publications like the Trading Post.

I worked out that I could purchase cars cheaper via the outdated medium, then flip them at a profit through newer media like CarSales.

From then on, I could see digital was going to be the way of the future and the sooner and deeper I immersed myself in it, the better.


How has the landscape changed since you started?

When I started in digital, iPhones didn’t exist, the Blues still won the State of Origin, and I had a CD player in my car… need I say more? The landscape hasn’t just changed, it’s totally transformed into something we could never have predicted.


What do you see as the biggest future opportunity for our clients, in the digital space?

I see four main areas where our clients could see major benefits, mostly revolving around data and how we can make use of it.

  1. Utilisation of first-party data to understand and target users more effectively.
  2. Understanding attribution/contribution modelling and what this means for budget allocation into their various digital channels.
  3. Stitching online/offline data together to understand how digital impacts sales in bricks-and-mortar locations.
  4. Really understanding the customer journey and their path to purchase, across all channels.


And the biggest threat?

Not taking action on the four points mentioned above!

Overall I believe the biggest threat comes at a macro-environmental level. For example, big brands with highly sophisticated supply chain management and deep investments into digital tech are a big challenge for Australian businesses… think Amazon, Uber, LIDL and others.

These brands also change the landscape in terms of consumer expectations, both digitally and in face-to-face customer experience.

Our National Head of Product Mark Byrne put it best when he said, “There’s a growing expectation economy. If I can get an Uber to my house in 5 minutes with only 2 clicks, why can’t I get the same seamless experience when working with my health care provider or financial institution?”


What’s next for iProspect Brisbane?

The next year will see us delving deeper into the opportunities I mentioned earlier. We’ll be working on reinforcing our reputation in the market by bringing all that data into clearer sight for our clients.

Clients are increasingly coming to us to solve business problems, not just digital marketing ones. We’re uniquely able to address these problems at scale, in more detail and with sharper insights. Proactively staying at the top of the pile will be a big focus.

In practice this means making sure we always have the best products and people. As clients in all verticals digitally evolve, we need to be right there guiding them.

Relying on things we know, or doing things the same way because it’s safer, is actually the opposite of a good idea. Just look at the Trading Post.


Apple or Android?



What would you be doing for a living, if it wasn’t this?

Something around travel or adrenalin sports.

Michael Bell

Michael Bell is General Manager of iProspect Brisbane. Michael's role is to guide the Brisbane office, providing hands-on strategic oversight and support to both clients and the greater team to nurture ongoing performance and results.