Matthew Margey

Current Role?

Head of SEO

How long have you been with iProspect?

I’ve been with Scorch (now Scorch iProspect) for 7 years now. I was employee #2 if you don’t count the founders!

What brought you to Scorch iProspect?

I moved to Melbourne from Ireland 7 years ago due to the Global Financial Crisis which hit Ireland like a truck and plunged it into recession. Fortunately, I hit the ground running and met my soon-to-be-bosses Terence and Kevin Hooi (CEO & COO Scorch iProspect) where they sold me on the company’s vision and how I would play an important part contributing to its growth.

How did you start doing SEO?

Previously, my background was in Computing & Design where my aim was to become a game designer. That stemmed from my early passion messing around with level editors to develop and build 3D worlds.

However, at that time I was also working with a Web Design company on a vintage clothing website where my role was to design the user interface.

During the development phase, I came across a fascinating article from Matt Cutts (former Head of Webspam for Google and revered SEO deityon a contest around ranking websites and his 30-day challenges.

From there I decided to optimise the client’s website as a pet project and once I started to see the results, I was hooked.

Why are you passionate about SEO?

I enjoy the challenge and also gaining knowledge across a range of different industries. SEO is constantly changing and evolving so as SEO practitioners, we need to evolve alongside best practice laid out by Google and adapt to whatever challenges arise for our clients.

Overcoming these challenges is a highly rewarding experience especially when you can actually measure and attribute the success of your work to a client’s business and marketing objectives.

What’s your biggest SEO achievement / accomplishment?  

My biggest accomplishment was getting a holistic SEO strategy implemented for one of Australia’s largest health insurance providers and growing organic traffic by 46% in the first 12 months.

This also includes ranking the client number 1 on Google for the industry’s most competitive keyword – health insurance.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t recommend focusing on single keywords as it may cause problems and doesn’t normally reflect true SEO success. However, this was still a massive win for the client.

What’s next for the Scorch iProspect SEO Team?

I feel like it’s going to be another big year for SEO with the new mobile index update and improved technology and adoption of Voice Search.

Featured snippets are also rapidly increasing across search results for many queries, so the team will be focusing on these changes. We’re also working on a number of new features for some of our products to help support our clients’ objectives and provide more value from a digital perspective.

Matthew Margey

Matt is the Head of SEO at Scorch iProspect. He's responsible for the SEO strategy formulation and the day-to-day management across our key enterprise accounts. He also contributes to the growth of the business’ SEO client portfolio, product creation and team development, and works closely with each team’s department in developing and implementing SEO strategies to ensure clients' objectives are achieved.