Emily Do

Current Role?

Digital Performance Director – Affiliates

Where are you from?

Born and bred in the United Kingdom. I was originally from Birmingham but also lived 10 years in London as well as a short stint in New York.

How long have you been with iProspect?

I’m coming up to 7 weeks officially now, but I would say the real number is 4 weeks due to me flying back and forth between the UK and Australia during the time to attend weddings.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I have flown a helicopter in Sydney. I have also been an extra in a horror movie.

What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing?

I believe that it’s a great opportunity for advertisers and brands as it gives them the opportunity to reach new audiences, build brand exposure and drive conversions on a performance basis, all at the same time.

Overall it’s a great additional channel that brands can consider to broaden their marketing mix.

How does the affiliate marketing landscape in Australia differ to EMEA?

I feel that the market here is still in its infancy, but in terms of speed of growth and rate of expansion, it’s a really exciting place to be in right now.

Taking learnings from EMEA, I think Australian brands have a prime opportunity to adopt the “test and learn” mindset when it comes to affiliate marketing, and there’s tremendous opportunity to scale up the local industry at speed.

Increased education of what affiliate marketing can achieve for brands, as well as aggressive testing, will be the keys to success in this market.

What are some of the key affiliate sectors in Australia that brands need to pay attention to?

Cashback and coupon sites appear to still be quite prevalent, but there seems to be a heavy focus on content as well, with the aim to convert.

Remarketing and retargeting are also broadly used in this market, as well as a handful of employee benefit portals.

Where would you like to see the Australian affiliate marketing industry head towards?

It would be great to not only catch up with, but to overtake the EMEA market by getting all parties (client, publisher, network and agency) involved and understanding where we could be, and then catapulting ourselves to get ahead of them.

I believe we can achieve this by being data-driven and focusing on insights to improve our capabilities. We can take success stories from EMEA and then test and improvise on them, though it will also be important for this market to carve out its own identity.

It’s also important that all parties understand the mechanics and where they each sit on a campaign level, and establish how we can all support each other’s objectives – after all, affiliate marketing is primarily built on relationships.

Another hot topic that was discussed in a past conference earlier this year in the UK was automation – and ensuring that processes that don’t require manual labour are set up and configured to increase efficiency. This then allows us to focus on creative campaign planning and driving revenue, instead of repetitive high effort/low value tasks.

Final thoughts?

It sounds fluffy, but I think if we are all on board with an open mind, we can look to develop the affiliate industry in Australia 2 -3 years ahead of where it is now and potentially surpass the EMEA region.

We can leverage our proximity and connection with the Asian market to expand there, given the boom in e-commerce and digital connectivity in these fast-developing markets.

We definitely should be aiming for the stars and if we reach the sky, it’s definitely progress.

Emily Do

Emily is a Digital Performance Director at Scorch iProspect, specialising in Affiliate Marketing. With nine years' experience on both the publisher and agency side, Em has worked across global accounts, project-managing high-impact campaigns and delivering results in diverse markets and consumer environments.