In April 2018, I was selected to be a part of NextGen – iProspect’s global digital leadership program, co-designed with Google.

Having now officially passed NextGen 2018, I thought I’d share my thoughts and overall impressions of what I learned and what the experience was like in general.

The big picture

Over five months I was enrolled in NextGen, I was introduced to a huge array of new concepts, technologies and ways of thinking. I had the opportunity to interact with ‘NextGenners’ across the world, listen to industry experts, and improve my digital literacy.

The modules in NextGen included various topics and assessments that required participants to solve a problem using different digital channels, in order to target the moments that matter.

This was one of my main takeaways from the course: to focus more on the customer journey. These learnings are now helping me to look at clients’ challenges through a more holistic lens.

Since I come from an organic search background, gaining knowledge in other channels like Paid Search and Programmatic has helped me to see the bigger picture of what we do as digital marketers and how we can better help our clients.

This has further boosted my understanding of the integrated approach we follow at iProspect. I’m now more comfortable working on integrated tasks, and feel confident I can do so with more clarity and understanding of the different ways to leverage both organic and paid channels in order to benefit clients. I’m also now more familiar with the jargon used in Paid Search.

Becoming a trusted client partner

The other focus of NextGen was on developing our client consultation skills. I thoroughly enjoyed doing these exercise as we were given mock scenarios, study materials and relevant industry news, from which we were required to provide the best recommendation for a real-life problem.

This has translated very well into my work life, as it forms a major part of what I do, i.e. helping my clients by providing them with strong recommendations to improve their brand presence and performance, digitally.

In my day-to-day role and interactions, I’m also noticing how NextGen has helped me become more confident as a marketer, as I’m more able to answer client queries thanks to my increased knowledge in the digital space. This, in turn, is helping me to build stronger relationships and strengthen trust with my clients.

Being more industry-aware

Another of my favourite learnings from the NextGen course was hearing about future digital trends and their applications in various industries – for example, it has opened my eyes to how some industries have already embraced the use of robots and AI to improve efficiency.

I’m now keener than ever to provide my clients with regular industry updates and ways they can improve their current offerings for their target audiences.

NextGen was an exciting learning experience that not only taught me different aspects of digital marketing but also helped me to improve my confidence and leadership skills. The tools I’ve learned from NextGen have made client management a step easier, and I feel prepared for anything my career in digital marketing might have in store for me.

Linsey Chen

Linsey is a Digital Planner, Analyst within the Experience team at iProspect, Melbourne. Outside of work hours, she loves to Instagram her way through Melbournes’ cafés and enjoys a good chicken parma.