My first few months as a Digital Planner, Analyst have been an amazing learning experience, from getting to grips with the lingo (I now know that COP stands for “Close of Play”) to not only participating in but also running client presentations.

Being a part of the incredible Experience team at iProspect Melbourne gives me the opportunity to work and interact with clients across a wide range of industries, and I believe this exposure has helped me come a long way in just a few short months. I now have firsthand access to everything I ever wished to learn in digital marketing.


On a typical day, once I’m in the office, the first thing I do is send out an email to my line managers. This is essential as it outlines the tasks that I’ll be working on during that particular workday/week and helps keep us all on the same page. I then go through new emails and note down any ad-hoc tasks that have come my way. Finally, I get my morning coffee fix! #letsdothis

During the first half of the day between 9:00am – 12:30pm, I work on the larger deliverables on my list. This can involve anything from preparing notes and deep-dives for a client WIP call to optimising campaigns or forming insights and recommendations on the accounts I manage. Since the productivity levels are running on high around this time, you’ll usually see me with my earphones in and my thinking hat on.


The best part about having a busy morning is that my lunch break comes around quickly. I use this time to either enjoy the sunshine, take a long walk, shop – all depending on the unpredictable Melbourne weather of course!

Post-lunch, it’s time for both work and play. I again take a look at my task list – especially my post-its that scream reminders to me of any ad-hoc tasks I need to complete.

At times when I’m lagging behind or stressing, I leave it all and take a nap (jokes!). No, I turn towards our most beloved pseudo team member at work: Table Tennis. A quick game really helps me to calm down and get back to work with a renewed sense of energy.


On days when I have client meetings in the afternoon, I like to take time out to practice and self-educate by revisiting any feedback from my managers and making sure I’m on track to deliver my best.

Afternoons are a great time of the day because they give me the mental satisfaction of seeing the progress I’ve made on my list of tasks. Subconsciously, this prepares me for the next day and helps me to calculate my time and workload accordingly.

What I’ve learned

More than anything, I’ve learned that the key to all of this is organisation. But like in yoga, where you eventually find your Zen, I’ve found a routine that best suits my working style.

Having said all this, no two days are the same. I’m now seven months into my career at iProspect and I can proudly say that I’ve made the most of this opportunity to seize my own learning destiny. With an open mind and a positive attitude I’ve been able to successfully achieve my work goals. And while I’m at it, I don’t forget to enjoy my 2 pints of beer on Fridays either!

Linsey Chen

Linsey is a Digital Planner, Analyst within the Experience team at iProspect, Melbourne. Outside of work hours, she loves to Instagram her way through Melbournes’ cafés and enjoys a good chicken parma.