Coming into a digital agency is everything you would expect it to be: challenging, rewarding, and above all things, fun.

Providing a steep learning curve like no other industry, it truly is sink or swim. Though I had a pretty good idea what an agency’s role was, coming into iProspect I wasn’t sure what to expect day to day. Now I’ve been here a few months I’ve settled into a good routine that provides structure whilst also allowing for some flexibility and prioritising through the day…


Living a fair few miles away from my office could make my commute a hassle, though I choose to make it one of my favourite parts of my day.

Coffee in hand, I jump on my brisk 15 minute ferry into Auckland central and listen to a motivational podcast to start my day on the right foot. If the weather allows I try to sit outside and appreciate the amazing view of the city.

Despite being the list-making, washi-taping, bullet-journaling type that I was, even I had to take my organisation up a notch when coming into work at an agency. Juggling multiple clients with multiple campaigns can be challenging, so to tackle this I make a list first thing each morning detailing my tasks for the day.

Checking my emails I try to action any task I can do for a few minutes and add the rest to my list. I then move on to high-concentration tasks such as in-depth reporting, working on new briefs or campaign optimisations.

Mid-morning I like to stretch my legs and grab a coffee – I find this brings back my focus and stops me from being too stiff at the end of the day. Through the morning I will also have received multiple emails from clients and team members, so it’s time to re-evaluate my plan for the day.

I work out what is important and urgent, such as scheduling an ad-hoc campaign that starts at midnight, and what can be done later in the week, such as writing ad copy for the next month. The first half of my day also includes meeting with clients or training whilst my post-coffee energy levels are running high!


After lunch sees me actioning longer tasks I planned earlier in the day, again reassessing my plan for the rest of the afternoon and even the week as I go along.

This part of the day often involves team members asking for a hand with tasks or projects they are working on. If you have time be sure to speak up, this is an area I’ve found to benefit me so much and I have been able to grow so much out of my usual role.

Although unlikely after a few months, in my first weeks I had an hour or so of down time each day that I used to access training and work on upskilling myself in areas I didn’t feel so confident.

I try to do as many things socially with the team as possible, often heading out for a post work drink or event. Despite being daunting at first, this work wonders in getting to know each other and feeling settled within your new workplace.

If there is any advice I could give to someone in my position a mere few months ago it would be flexibility and willingness to give everything a go. Working in an agency, especially iProspect, is an opportunity like no other so make the most of it.

Hattie Cochrane

Originally from London, Hattie Cochrane is iProspect New Zealand’s Performance Coordinator. Outside of her passion for all things digital, Hattie can usually be found working her way through Auckland's cafes or taking her two pugs for walks along the beach.