Most days I’m in around 8am. That precious hour of solitude before everyone else gets in is by far the most productive hour of the day. Plus, working on an account for a financial services client with a large number of stakeholders means most of my day is taken up by meetings.

So from 8-9am I’m usually smashing out my most important task of the day. This is usually some kind of report or brief response. I’m at my most creative in the morning, so I save emails and monotonous tasks for the afternoon or in-between meetings.

Once 9am hits and the madness starts it’s either an internal team meeting to go through priorities or optimisations with my team or, off to the client’s HQ for meetings. Usually I try to block out my time at their offices so I’m not going back and forth all day.

Most of the client’s staff works agile these days, so meetings are sprints, stand-ups, WIPs or optimisation meetings. Throw in weekly briefs and brief responses and that’s 80% of your weekly time right there.

As I mentioned, in-between these meetings is the best time to pile through emails as I don’t usually need to get into any type of mental zone to do them. The great thing about working at the client’s office is that it’s huge and well laid out, so there’s always a little nook or cranny you can tuck yourself away in for half an hour to hack out some work.


Most of the time, I have my lunch on the run – I’m not a huge fan of stopping for half an hour so I’ll usually just eat whilst working. The odd lunch with a friend or publisher (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is a good way to break things up for the week.

After lunch, it’s straight back into it, usually more meetings or back to the office to catch back up with the team. Usually a couple of days a week we have at least one internal meeting that is either training or an update on something new within the company, which again is a good way to break things up and keep things fresh.


The afternoon starts with a check back in with the team to see how everyone’s going with workload and priorities. It’s a quick re-shuffle of tasks to map out the rest of the day and ensure everything is on track. Then I’ll either sink my teeth into a larger task or burn through some more emails or calls to get back ahead on the client communication side of things.

Once late afternoon hits, there’s usually some solid banter flying around between the team, a few laughs, and more of a relaxed vibe with everyone enjoying their own time to work on their tasks without interruption.

Before I head off, I’ll look at my calendar for the next day, make any adjustments, and then do the same with my task list in Asana, our task management system. Knowing what the next day looks like the night before is super important – that way, I can switch out of work mode when I get home and enjoy my night!


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