Many say that navigating the transition from university to full-time working life can be a challenging, complex and scary process.

In some ways, they are right. The next chapter can be a little daunting and overwhelming; however, it definitely comes with its rewards and amazing opportunities to grow.

Based on my personal experience, I have put together some tips that can help make the transition a little easier for graduates entering the workforce.

Don’t rush the process

You will feel incredibly inexperienced so soak up as much information as you can. As part of my Personal Development Plan, I have consistently set out to attend training, whether this is with Facebook, Google or a colleague at iProspect.

Take each opportunity that arises to hear from others’ experiences, work results and projects as it will help you make more sense of your own work.

However, be prepared for things to take a while to sink in, there will be a lot of information to absorb from the get-go, but it will take a while to piece everything together – don’t rush the process.

Be prepared to make mistakes

Accept that you will make them, quite a few at first.

But be sure to take these mistakes as learning opportunities which teach you lessons for next time. Write the mistake you made down somewhere as well as their solutions. This will help you to not only avoid making the same mistake in future, but it will also show your proactivity.

These mistakes are going to make you better and more resilient – they may even teach you more than your successes do.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

One of the most crucial learning experiences for me has been to ask questions, no matter how simple you think they may be.

Although at first you feel as though you are a hassle to people, asking questions will not only help to support the quality and speed of your work, it will prevent you from making any future mistakes. As well as this, remember to speak up if you have an issue. Seek others’ advice and don’t keep it any potential mistakes to yourself.

Being up-front and handling issues with honesty, will allow you to gain trust and help you progress in your career.

Make sure to have a mentor you feel you can talk to

Whether it’s your line manager or another colleague, having someone to reach out to, that you trust can help you to feel secure.

Book in a weekly or fortnightly catch-up with your manager or mentor to run through your tasks for the week, go over your Personal Development Plan or talk to about any issues you are experiencing. Voice your concerns, your goals, needs, and goals for the future, and lean on your manager or mentor for guidance and coaching.

Ultimately, these people are there to help you succeed.

Take as many opportunities to grow as you can

Putting your hand up for things and getting involved exposes you to opportunities and experiences that you may not have had otherwise. From my personal experience, doing so allowed me to form relationships with others in the business, learn more about other areas, and build upon my skills.

As part of one of our new initiatives in the iProspect Melbourne office, I went to London and worked in the DAN office for one week. Here, I was able to experience a different working environment, get to know different people and gain knowledge on the various clients, markets and projects the UK teams were working on.

Build your network

Work hard on your relationships and be kind to everyone. Taking time to work on your relationships with your team members, leadership and other associates of the business will help you feel part of the business and further motivated to get involved.

Make time at social events to have conversations with people you wouldn’t usually or put your name down on the coffee randomiser (allocating you with a partner to get your morning coffee with once a month).

Forming these relationships, although a little intimidating at first can be the key to building trust, motivation and enjoyment within your workplace. After all, you never know when your paths may cross again!

Izzy Thomas

Izzy is a Digital Analyst working across Paid Media at iProspect Melbourne, in search, social and display performance marketing. Izzy is passionate about finding new opportunities to develop her skills within the digital landscape.