A powerful tool that allows for you to test, adapt and personalize your website

Last month Google announced that their free version of Google Optimise is now out of beta testing and can be used by anyone wishing to A/B Test and personalize a website. Google Optimise has been built as part of the Google Analytics suite, which means you can use the customer insights you have already created in Analytics to test against business KPIs and objectives that matter to you (i.e. e-commerce transactions or revenue).


Google Optimise has four key capabilities:

1. Putting Insights to Work. Using Google Analytics site data you can quickly and easily identify areas of your site that need improving. Subsequently, you can turn those insights into tests or experiments to deliver a better and more optimised online experience for your customers.

2. Easy Testing. For most companies, in order to launch Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) testing, they need to rely on development teams to help create, implement and deploy the different variations for testing. This increases the time it takes to get a test live and becomes a deterrent to having a CRO strategy. One of the key features of Google Optimise tries to eliminate this. Through the visual editor tool you can change text and images with having to access the code on the site (but you can still access the Raw HTML or JavaScript code if needed). Once you have your testing results, you can analyse them within the reporting built within the tool to determine which experience was the best for your users.

3. Start the Personalisation Journey. Each user to your site has unique needs and wants and no site could ever fit all user needs. With the Google Optimise targeting capabilities you can focus on specific user segments to deliver better and more personalised experiences to your customers.

4. Effortless Setup. All you need to do to implement Optimise is add a single line of code to your current analytics implementation (either on site or through Google Tag Manager). Once the code is implemented, you can publish test to your users quickly.

Google Optimise, a great stepping stone for a lot of companies to now create a CRO and Personalisation strategy without having to heavily invest into a tool upfront. If you are interested in creating and implementing a CRO strategy for your website, feel free to contact the iProspect Data and Analytics team.

Thomas Galluzzo

Thomas is the Director of Analytics at iProspect Australia. Thomas’s role is to work with clients on improving their analytics capabilities and advise them on the performance of their website and paid media.