Originally from the sunny town of Manchester in the UK, I’ve been in Melbourne for nearly six years now, and I’ve been at iProspect for all six of them. They say that variety is the spice of life, and this definitely applies to my role as a Client Partner at iProspect – when each day is different to the next, with new challenges and opportunities, you can’t help but feel excited… even six years in!

Here’s a breakdown of a day in the life of me, Sam Edwards, Client Partner at iProspect Melbourne.


Each morning begins with a short drive to the station and then a 45-minute train journey to Southern Cross from the Macedon Ranges. Luckily, the iProspect offices are in a prime location in the CBD right next to the train station, so it’s a quick hop, skip and a jump across the road and I’m already at my desk.

The first task is to quench my thirst with the first brew of the day (English breakfast tea, obviously!).  Next I check in with my team; my role of Client Partner involves managing one of the biggest teams within iProspect so the majority of my time is spent on client and team management.

I need to be constantly available to my team to help project-manage tasks and answer any client-related queries they may have, so I like to ensure I’m abreast of what people are working on and what their priorities are for the day so I can ensure we’re on target for any upcoming deadlines.

As someone who values quality, I feel it’s super important for us to take pride in our work. I love to ensure that all the work that gets delivered to our clients is of the highest quality, which means regularly reading over and providing feedback on any of my team’s work prior to it going out of the door; this level of quality control ensures we’re always at the top of our game.


One of the core aspects of being a Client Partner is to ensure that clients are resourced correctly, as this impacts both the level of service they receive and the profitability of my team.

Near the end of each month, I’ll spend the late morning checking that activity planners have been sent to every client, explicitly stating what tasks we’ll carry out in the following month. I’ll meet with the senior members of my team to evaluate our capacity and make certain that all work will be completed on time, while also looking for opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the team to help maximise our results and performance against revenue.


One area of my job that I absolutely love is the client relations side. In the afternoon you’ll often find me in client meetings, which are a crucial part of building and reinforcing our new and existing relationships. In iProspect’s mission to be a pivotal partner for our clients (as opposed to “just another supplier”), understanding their business challenges and building strong connections is paramount – and it’s also where my passion and strengths lie.

iProspect fosters an entrepreneurial environment, where Client Partners and Directors are encouraged to run their teams as mini-businesses of their own. This autonomous approach is fantastic as it allows me to reward the successes of my team and pushes us to strive to be the best in the industry. At the end of each day I review my P&L, deliver relevant updates to my team and line managers, and submit my monthly forecasts to the GM.

Home time…

Just like everyone else I look forward to getting home and relaxing after work, but even after a long day I often find myself thinking all of the possibilities that tomorrow might bring. I feel very lucky in that my role allows me to make the most of the passion I have for both iProspect and my clients, and because I’m able to lead a very talented team of Digital Directors, Strategists, Planners and Analysts.

The Experience Team at iProspect Melbourne is literally smashing it and kicking digital goals left, right and centre, and I’m incredibly proud to be able to work with such an inspiring team.

Samantha Edwards

Samantha Edwards is a Client Partner with iProspect Melbourne and heads up the Experience Team. With over 10 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Samantha has been the main catalyst in driving SEO success across a multitude of verticals for our domestic and global brands.