Key stats:

  • 12,500 quiz views
  • 10,300 quiz completions (74% completion rate)
  • 4,100 competition entries (40% conversion rate)
  • ‍Average time on page of 1 minute, 35 seconds
  • 22 shares, 84 comments and 524 likes/loves on Facebook
  • ‍All achieved with 1 piece of content and a modest amplification budget

Sponsoring a sports team is always a gamble. Sometimes you have a scandal erupt, sometimes the season just falls flat.

But then, every now and then, your team soars unexpectedly into the finals and takes home the trophy. And you can’t get a much better return on your investment than your logo appearing in those Grand Final photos.

This is the serendipitous event that our client, National Storage, got to enjoy this year with the Richmond AFL team. After 35 years of struggle and heartache, finally: a long-awaited and hard-earned day in the sun for the Tigers.

Fun fact: National Storage actually sponsors a range of sporting teams via the NS Locker Room. Sponsorships like these are valuable for building visibility and familiarity for the brand – especially within an industry that isn’t often thought of as ‘exciting’. The team partnerships provide excellent opportunities for engaging content and data collection, which gives us useful insights into our audiences.


What we did

As the semi-finals progressed, we dared to dream and started looking for a way to capitalise on the team’s potential victory. By brainstorming with the client, we quickly worked out what we wanted to do. And because our content strategy for National Storage is more flexible than a yoga instructor, it was easy to make it happen just in time to ride the finals hype.

We created a quiz competition focused on the Tigers’ finals history, featuring questions like this:

You can still try the quiz yourself, if you like. Just note the competition has ended.

Three potential outcomes were programmed based on how well (or not-so-well) the reader did in the quiz. Along with an iconic Tigers photo and a bit of text congratulating (or commiserating with) the reader, this outcome also included an entry form for the competition – a form that was completed 40% of the times it was seen.

Using our quiz-building platform, we were also able to customise the quiz with National Storage’s colours, font type, and some excellent Tigers imagery.

What better way to challenge the knowledge of hardcore fans and build hype for the Grand Final? (All while attracting a swarm of traffic and data for National Storage’s Locker Room site, of course.)

How we did it

With no actual Tigers fans in our Brisbane-based content team, there was nothing for it but to jump into some good old-fashioned research. By digging deep into Richmond’s history and tracking through this year’s season, we put together a quiz tough enough to keep even the most dedicated followers on their toes. After publishing, we pushed the quiz hard on Facebook leading up to, during, and immediately after the Grand Final.

We reached the perfect people with our post by:

  • ‍Split-testing between previous Facebook page engagers and non-engagers
  • ‍Trialling multiple visuals
  • ‍Harnessing lookalike audiences
  • ‍Testing various combinations of interest-based targeting (relating to Richmond Football Club, the AFL Grand Final, and Australian Rules Football in general).

This was our most successful variant:

Our quiz got 22 shares, 84 comments, and 524 likes/loves.

We were on standby over the weekend to pull back the post if the game didn’t go our way, but we needn’t have worried. The tigers surged to victory – and the website traffic surged too. Our quiz was viewed over 12,500 times between September 15th and October 3rd.

Why it worked

The influx of Richmond fans visiting the site led to over 10,000 quiz completions, with over 4,100 of these converting into competition entries. We believe a number of factors contributed to our success, including:

  • The quiz length

By comparing stats from our previous quizzes on the Locker Room, we’ve determined that 7 questions is just right. This leads to an average time on page of 1.5 minutes as well as higher completion and conversion rates.

  • The quiz quality

Well-structured questions, plenty of photos and an aesthetically pleasing design made the quiz easy to enjoy and complete. Analysing previous quizzes showed us that high-scorers convert more frequently, which helped us fine-tune the difficulty level of our questions.

  • The timing

By quickly taking this quiz from concept to completion, we were able to ride the hype and push it during the peak of the finals excitement.

  • The Facebook targeting

Clever audience profiling allowed us to get maximum reach with a modest budget while also optimising the click-through rate.

  • The prize

What Tigers fan could say no to meeting the players, touring the club, and kicking a ball on the oval?

This exercise has cemented regular quizzes as a staple in our content strategy for National Storage, as well as a prime opportunity for other clients. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to try running one for your business.

Special thanks to Craig Gibson and Adrien Van Bruinessen, who both played vital roles in this project. And extra special thanks to Makala Ffrench Castelli and Monique Voltz at National Storage for approving this case study.

Kyle Manning

Kyle loves writing and editing content, which is fortunate since he's the Head of Content for iProspect Brisbane. He particularly likes interactive quizzes, as you may have guessed from this article. After working across a range of industries for an eclectic collection of clients, Kyle is an expert in sounding like an expert. He also likes to sing and play tennis, but he’ll never get paid to do either of these things.